MsKitty in Toronto is Now Self-hosted!

Hello to all my Followers!!

You must be wondering why you haven’t had an email from me every time I post! Well those that know, I have moved my website from to! This means that I am now currently self-hosted, able to make my site more sophisticated such as a calendar feature (easy to read and more visually appealing), adding more geeky features (SEO and Google Analytics) and yes, even a newsletter feature!!

I have transitioned in stages with my a help by a lovely friend in the WordPress community to facilitate the changes.  The Newsletter feature will keep you more up to date on upcoming events, travel with MsKitty on a lifestyle travel adventure (think Jan 2014 Lifestyle cruise with the Oasis Aqualounge crew), and other media updates! What this means is that once the newsletter feature is “plugged-in”, I will need all you current followers to re-apply your email address again in the near future. ( I will remind you again when it is ready.)

Once again, I do apologize for the slow transition but between my obligations with work, family visiting me overseas, and getting ready to travel with family for a few weeks to meet relatives has occupied more of my time these days.  However, you can still see my current site same as I still have some bugs to work out so please be patient with me at this time.

If you need/interested in booking Lifestyle travel, please see their new site:

All other Oasis Aqualounge inquiries, please email me at

Swinger Fridays to Greek Easter

swinger fridaysweb (1)

Friday night I hosted Swinger Fridays at Oasis Aqualounge. I even tried making these swinger necklaces. Apparently, people wear these necklaces with letters of your name, nickname (better than a sticker name tag) at conventions, hotel takeovers, etc. Sure, easier to remember people’s names and instead of saying “hey”, “baby”, “sweetheart”, etc. I did invite a few friends to come out and I even invited VooDoo down as a naughty date. Perhaps it was given since I was talking about VooDoo’s cock the night before with a girlfriend of mine. VooDoo maintained his promise that he would promise me at least two rounds. Last time one round is just not enough and my one friend decided to give me a nickname as the Iron Box.

I did have a good time at the club, even though my friends and VooDoo left before 1AM, I did run into some old friends including Mr and Mrs Finance. The dynamics on the weekends is so different then my Hot Springs, the energy is more relaxed.


Saturday was a super chill day. Tried to sleep in but my current bedroom gets warm in the AM and it’s like a sauna. Get caught up a few errands before I went to Oasis Aqualounge to enjoy the sunshine, get my naked tan on, and meeting Wilma (this lady that I met on Wednesday night & we are two peas in a pod). She even came with another female friend to give her a tour. A lovely late afternoon which followed by an awesome dinner at Cafe Diplomatico!! Love their veal parmigiana and fettuccine alfredo!! Now that I am back in dragon boat season, the night before practice, I can eat whatever I want. I cycle about 20km and paddle for 1.5 hours, it’s a good workout. Wilma and I ended up walking back to my place afterwards, drank some white wine, chilling on my bed, chatting and ended the night by watching a few things on the computer. I was in bed by midnight, like a good girl.

spit roast

Sunday in the early AM did my cross training of cycling to Sunnyside Beach and paddled with my group. Great weather but Lake Ontario water is COLD! Definitely not Caribbean water!! I love being outside during the warm/hot weather. This past Toronto winter was a little longer then anticipated and now we get to enjoy it! Lady Shayne had a housewarming/birthday party at her house. Shayne wanted pictures of her friends on her wall and even had frames ready to put it up. Since everyone’s pictures is digital, who has paper pics these days?? I dug up my marathon photo from 2005 crossing the line at Honolulu since I bought a package of photos and sent them to my friends and family. (As seen and still up at Elbow Room Cafe in Vancouver.) Boy Toy came by late with wonderful BBQ leftovers from his Greek Easter feast. Hmmm… if I could have had a picture of me eating lamb as he bent me over the kitchen counter. I guess that is MsKitty’s definition of a Greek spit roast in the kitchen!!

Overview on Hot Springs @ Oasis Aqualounge May 1st 2013

Hot Springs 2013_1

Finally the fabulous sunshine greeted everyone  on May Day! May Day!  I arrived mid-afternoon to find about at least a dozen people out by the pool sun bathing and flirty times in the pool. Since I have been hosting this baby for over a year, a chorus of people greeting Hello MsKitty, a kiss and a hug, a wave ( if I am in conversation) or a nod as they pass through.

Myth buster: 

Single male nights is a wiener night at the club. 


Hot Springs is getting a better balance of men, women and couples. In fact, this past Hot Springs women and couples had a pretty even split of men and women ratio. More of the nudist and sunbathers is coming out of the woodwork!  As the club keeps up with a good reputation, this event is getting more popular!

Gaia Morrissette taught her workshops in the late afternoon and one in the evening. I didn’t get the chance to sit in the Male Ejaculation Mastery but I did get the chance to be in the evening one about Making your Partner Scream! More about touching and feeling/connecting to your partner with the whole body and not just the genital areas.

The later of the evening just flew right by as I stayed downstairs most of the night. A gorgeous night, mingling with friends in the fresh air (as fresh as it could be in the heart of downtown!) and taking dips in the pool!!

There is still spots this summer for Hot Springs ideas. If you have any ideas, please send me an email

Educational Weekend in Ottawa


It was purely a pleasure to hang out with Mr North in Ottawa this past weekend for WordPress Conference. (I know it’s Wednesday and I am finally catching up on some new posts. ) Took the Via Rail up on Friday morning and I love how one can work on the computer or take a nap. Some drama-rama is going on so this quick trip out was a great breather!! I won’t bore you with the detail of drama since it is irrelevant.

I wouldn’t want to to miss this conference since I know a few speakers and it’s great to connect & network with people that are so passionate to learn about how to use WordPress website and learning to use all the tools that is available. This website will be in transition soon from being on to in the upcoming week. Also, I have already made a pitch (thanks to one of my WordPress peers, encouraging women to speak at these Camps) that I will do a presentation about my transition WordPress Camp in Toronto October 5 & 6 2013.

After the conference was over we ended up heading out to the pub for drinks and snacks, then we went to Bare Fax to watch strippers, and ended off the night with Karaoke in the heart of Ottawa’s Chinatown. It was not a kinky weekend but it was an educational weekend and hanging out with my WordPress peers. Learned lots and looking forward to some exciting website upgrades!!

Brilliance of the Sea; Day 3 Curacao

Kokomo Beach

Kokomo Beach

The first day off the ship and we’ve arrived in Curacao. WOW! It is so pretty out here!! We(the 5 couple group)took a van-size taxi and requested a quiet beach and ended up at Kokomo Beach. Open water diving, snorkeling, a bar and a restaurant available to cover your afternoon needs.  Of course, lounge sun chairs available (but be aware to pay a rental fee if you didn’t make enough purchases from the restaurant/bar). The water is clear, clear blue and white sand beach. Be aware of the rocks along the shore but once you swim out and swim out to the floating dock, it’s really nice.  A bonus feature, we ended up taking our bikini’s off (the restaurant owners allowed us) and tanned topless.

I fell in love with a new cuisine! Surinamese food! A blend of Dutch, Indonesian, East Indian and Chinese cuisine all in one. I wish I took a picture of what I ate but it was really quite a wonderful blend of spices and flavors. If you ever go, check out De Ruyter Cafe. 

The theme set for the night was called Rumble in the Jungle. Perfect, I wore my gold sparkle leopard print outfit that I wore for NYE. I wore it in the dining room but any risque outfits, they give you a “bum towel” (as if I will have an orgasm over their food) but it’s the rule that one will have to respect on the cruise ship. One of the servers insisted that I need two towels. I guess, if I plan to squirt right then and there at the dining table! (Please, I have some table etiquette).


Remember the guy that I mentioned that I ran into on the first day?? The one that wanted to play with me but I said no. I am not sure why but he was trying to pick on my later on that night. No idea, but I decided that I had enough and the only reason why I think he was making a big stink is because I refused to have sex with him. His attitude about it. I didn’t think it would have been an honest hook up. I believe it’s all about how people he has fucked and it was a notch on the belt. You can’t just count how many, it’s the quality and intensity being exchanged.

Teddy Bear is a new friend. Sometimes I craved some cuddles, feeling cold. That night I craved wearing sweatpants . Instead, I got a new bed buddy to keep me warm. Indeed, he was toasty!!

Overview on Hot Springs @ Oasis Aqualounge April 24 2013


It’s been one of those wonky weeks(blame it on the full moon)  and all I wanted to do was go and relax at Oasis. Decided to go about mid-afternoon and meet up with Mr Chef. These days he has a lady friend that has been accompany him so I haven’t seen much of him. None the less, I still like him as a friend so that doesn’t change anything.

Fionna Flauntit and I had an impromptu meeting with the Mill Street Brewery Boys. We are planning to do a summer launch pool party + bikini contest + beer tastings + Jagermeister tasting (they are on-board too)!! Saturday, June 15!! Mark your calendars!!

My friends D&D came into the city for an overnight and decided that they would like to watch me in host-mode. We met up for dinner and opt to go to the Keg Mansion over on Jarvis. D&D had great questions for me such as how to say no during negotiations, and figuring out their comfort zones. Every couple that I have met has several different ways how they came into the lifestyle. Most people talk about it, some have run into it by accident, some have thought it was just a nudist vacation and didn’t think much more of it. Worst case scenario is to surprise your partner and not tell them what kind of vacation and especially if you board a ship and have no control on how to get off the ship.

After dinner, we caught the tail end of the Right Approach to Attracting Women seminar, hosted by Miss F**. This time we had a few different female staff to be part of the acting. It’s good to switch it up and have different people’s approach. Sometime people use slightly different body language and it’s much appreciated to recognize the differences.


Next week on Wednesday we have some juicy workshops called Male Ejaculation Mastery Workshop 4PM to 6PM & Make your Lover Scream your Name!! 8PM to 10PM happening at Hot Springs by Gaia Morrissette and again, connected with Sex and Consciousness Toronto

Friends, Food, and Sex en Mi Casa!

Happy housewarming dinner party this past Friday night. A lot of my friends that have been part of my life in the last few years whether they are part of the lifestyle, fetish, colleagues, and even a few from outside of the scene came over to my house. I think about 25 to 30 people attended and everyone brought a lot of food to be shared such as wild game spaghetti  salads(by Mr and Mrs Wraten), Vigi’s lamb Popsicle (by Mr Tight Buns – forgot his other original nick name),  cheesecake(by Mrs Cuter with Curves), cupcakes, macaroons, fruit, and wine to share among everyone. It was a lovely spread of food!!. Most people knew each other and if they didn’t, everyone was pretty cordial together in the same room. Not only it was a housewarming/dinner party, we also celebrated two birthdays as well!! Birthday Daddy got a head start and had some action on my bed. Gave them my rubber sheet and sex towels & good-to-go.

After the dinner party, most of us went to Fetish Friday at Oasis Aqualounge to continue partying with everyone else and take the noise out to the club to vent it all out! My condo building is mostly older people so keeping the noise level to the minimum is a great idea. Besides I don’t want to do too much laundry, the beauty of playing outside of home is someone else to do the cleaning! A great night spending it with friends and Boy Toy came by after he finished work so the night is just getting started!! Boy Toy is always tentative, all eyes on me, and shower me with PDA.

Boy Toy and I soon take our play upstairs, I couldn’t wait to ravage him since I haven’t seen him in 5 days. Thank goodness my mid-week menage a trois sedate my sex hunger (which was a pretty hot scene, tell you more in a bit). We started playing, clothes strewn all over the floor and having our way with each other. A couple laying in the next bed watching us and soon another couple came in, watching and playing with each other. As soon as the other couple beside us left, the other couple hopped to the next bed to us. Somehow in the mix, the boys negotiated some play. Boy Toy ended up fucking the lady in the couple. I watched them play and didn’t play with the male. He was more interested in watching his wife getting fucked by other men. Meanwhile, I could have gotten upset but it was hot watching him fuck this lady. Does it look that hot when he fuck me on my fours?? I think it does…. so meanwhile when positions changed and she got on top of boy toy reverse cow girl and I sat on his face, I squirted all over his face three/four times.

Mr and Mrs Wraten stayed overnight at my house, along with Boy Toy. Good thing they came prepared with an air mattress. Fell fast asleep as soon as we got home. However, I must have been dreaming about sex since I kept playing with his cock all morning and woke him up early. Hot and horny first thing in the morning and the new word is sex alarm. Waking up people next bed over to the sounds of sex!! Grumble, grumble, spooning turns cock simultaneously rock hard. Good morning!!

Saturday night I stayed in. I couldn’t muster up the energy to go out and be on. Sometimes MsKitty needs a night off and chill out at home. There is still plenty of leftovers to eat and unfinished bottles of wine to drink. The kitchen sink was clogged all weekend and after two bottles of Drano, baby plunger, and hot water & dish soap combo finally released the clogged pipe.

Kitty Lotus the Dirty Cop with Riding Crop!

Kitty Lotus the Dirty Cop with Riding Crop!

Sunday afternoon it was my second appearance on Victory Commonwealth Wrestling as Kitty Lotus. Wore my cop outfit and had my riding crop in hand. My “Wrestling boyfriend”, Rex Atkins is a total villain and puts out a fight. When Gabriel Soul-Jones rolled out of the ring, I had an opportunity to knee him in the chest and got chased around the ring. Being part of this group is a fun side thing and now the boys in the backstage expects to see me as part of the gang.

Brilliance of the Sea; Day 2

Ahh, sea day on route to Curacao. Woke up at 9am ready and alive, straight to the gym. Some people really indulge in cruise eating and going bonkers on the desert. It was a late night but I don’t want to lose the day and sleep away in the cave. My stateroom has no window so it feels like one. After my workout strolling into the Windjammer Cafe and finding Mr Sandman eating alone. My inner motor( not my inner goddess) let me drive that stick. We negotiated to play after breakfast (well after my shower). Oh, he makes me melt and I just want to ravage him right then and there. I could have cared less about showering at that point.


In the afternoon, I sun bathed by the upper pool deck, off to the side away from the music so I can relax and read my Fifty Shades of Crap (as I call it) book two. Yes, the amount of times she wrote murmur was over the top. It is an easy read. However, the three things that I did like about the story line is:

1.) The contract respecting boundaries and limits

2.) The importance of using the safe word – Safe word is used in the BDSM community but it should be used in the lifestyle community as well. Don’t ever be shy to say stop or pull the plug on the scene.

3.) The use of condoms – even though they were in a monogamous relationship and didn’t want any unplanned pregnancy.

My true honest opinion on this book is like the Pretty Woman movie but in BDSM context.

(I forgot to mention..) I went to a great workshop that day with Den Temin, Couples Cruise on-board sexologist. A great way to learn more about communication and negotiation. I think I need a separate post on negotiations. I get asked on how I negotiate play. It can happen before, during and post play. Checking in with your partner at any given time is OK.  Remember this experience heightens the pleasure for the both partners during and post-play.

Dinner plans was already prearranged with D&D. We had made arrangements prior to the cruise to enjoy at least one dinner together at Portofino’s. They are so incredibly sweet and I am so looking forward to seeing them next week at Hot Springs. Apparently, they want to see me in Host-mode. Hopefully, if I go on more cruises, we will be able to enjoy more time together.

Later in the night, I did finally meet Mr. Sandman’s roommate. Interesting…… since he is not in the chocolate room working, I didn’t get a chance to have a sleepover with him at all. I checked out the chocolate room, said hello to the boys. Say hello to my friends and meet the fresh meat. I was a little tired so I did have an earlier night and going back to the stateroom to sleep.

Overview on Hot Springs April 17 2013

The weather is finally warming up in Toronto! Thank goodness that I missed the last snow storm while I was away. The party was in the pool and even at few points in the night on the dance floor. One of our new patrons who happen to be workin’ the stripper pole, a male stripper knew how to dance and that was rather entertaining as I ate my late dinner at the bar.

It’s great running into friends as we sat at the bar to socialize, chillin’ in the pool or in the greenhouse aka smoke hut smoking cigars. 

Dirty Bingo was held in the dungeon. Apparently, it has been shortened to 10 games as oppose to 15 games. Once the weather is warmer, it will be by the pool area again and the games will be longer. Come on time and don’t miss out the fun! I love seeing girls going home with toys in their hands and smiling! Even men come out to play to win for girlfriends/partner or for themselves and do trades with others if the prize is not a right fit.

Of course the Wraten’s came by with their trunk of sexy outfits for the ladies. Mr Wraten loves dressing up the ladies and Mrs Wraten & I watch all this go on and having our conversation by ourselves. They will be sleeping over at my place tonight since I am hosting a big dinner party. Love dinner parties and this is the biggest one yet. Should be an awesome one as it gets later it will shift over to Fetish Friday at Oasis Aqualounge!! It’s Tigress’s aka Daddy’s birthday weekend!!